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The word 'Shaaheen' originated in Persia in ancient period, it means Falcon or Baaz. 

'Shaaheen' is an idea, a metaphor often used by poets and writers, notably by Allama Iqbal, the poet-philosopher of undivided India. In several poems, Muhammad Iqbal has narrated the traits of 'Shaaheen',

Shaaheen is wise and rational, as Iqbal wrote,

"Kho Naa Jaa Iss Seher-o-Sham Main Ae Sahib-e-Hosh, 

Aik Jahan Aur Bhi Hai, Jis Main Na Farda Hai Naa Dosh" 

(Oh! Self Aware Man! Don’t get lost in this series of morning and evening

There is another world, where there is no future, nor past.)

Shaaheen is fearless. Shaaheen flies at high altitudes.

 "Tund-e-Baad-e-Mukhalif se na Ghabra ae Uqaab

Yeh to chaltee hai tujhay oonchaa uranay Ke liye!"

(O’ Falcon, dont be scared of the headwinds

They just blow to keep your flying to greater hights.)

Shaaheen eats what it’s preys itself.  don’t eat left overs of other animals.  It symbolizes the dignity of work and pride.

"Jiphatna, Palatna, Palat Kar Jhapatna

Lahoo Garam Rakhney Ka Hai Ik Bahaana"

(To swoop, withdraw and swoop again Is only a pretext to keep up the heat of the blood)

Shaaheen seeks solitude. As solitude is must for self discovery

"Nahin tera Nasheman Kasr-e-Saltani ke Gumbad par,

Tu Shaheen hai Basera Kar, Paharon ki Chitanon mai"

(Your abode is not the dome of emperor.

For you are Hawk, you live on the rocks of great mountains)

Shaaheen is not distracted by worldly pleasure and pain

"Prindon Ki Dunya Ka Dervaish Hun Mein

Ke Shaheen Banata Nahin Ashiyana"

(I am the dervish of the kingdom of birds,

The eagle does not make nests)

Allama Iqbal's 'Shaaheen' allegorized the energy, aspiration and potential of youth. 

I heard him whispering in my ears, 

"tu shaaheen hai parvaz hai kaam tera, tere samne asmaan aur bhi hain"

The blog 'Shaaheen' would venture into diverse topics and explore lives and cultures. 'Shaaheen' would give voice to students, women, aspirational youth and marginalized communities.


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